Head Videographer

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Donato Ciarlo is the owner and co-founder of Amore Productions. With an associates degree in multimedia and production Donato moved from working in Brooklyn NY as and independent filmaker and key grip for Act Zero Productions, to finally taking his passion for film making to the wedding industry. With over 15 years of production experience Donato finally decided to start Amore Productions, in celebration of the birth of his daughter Valentina Amore Ciarlo .

Head Photographer

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Co- Founder of Amore Productions Kary Ciarlo started her career as a sous chef in Montreal, taking one of the biggest leaps of her life she moved to the United States 7 years ago. After meeting Donato in 2015 they immediately shared a connection and were married the following year. She took up the hobby of photography after having their first child! Kary immediately became passionate in taking pictures of some of their biggest moments with their daughter Valentina. After some time she decided to bring that passion to wedding photography and the rest is history!